Driving operational excellence through player feedback


Driving operational excellence through player feedback


You are probably already collecting a lot of survey data from your members and guests – but how are you leveraging the data in your day to day operations?

If your data is buried in spreadsheets or somewhere in the charts of your last annual member report, you are missing a valuable opportunity to gain powerful insights into the operation of your club. 

The Players 1st platform is designed to be an integral part of your business operations – providing the framework for a continuous improvement cycle, transforming raw feedback data into structured information which then drives insights and action.

Players 1st provides a comprehensive framework which cover all departments at your club, utilizing a suite of Key Performance Indicators such as Net Promoter Score, Service area and Touchpoint scores as well as unstructured Member and Guest comments to provide a rich data repository which can be analyzed through powerful dashboard filters to drive:

•    Daily Operational management and customer satisfaction to increase member referrals, grow memberships and course revenue and utilization.

•    Data driven planning and decision making – including Maintenance and Capex planning – to ensure resources are prioritized to maximize Member and Guest satisfaction.

•    Department Performance targets/MBOs and ongoing monitoring to support departmental and individual performance reviews.

•    Identification of Sales and Marketing opportunities through advanced customer segmentation to drive pricing and promotional initiatives and identify new offerings.

•    Analysis of the impact of initiatives and investments on customer experience.

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