Players 1st at Slush

Photo: Jussi Hellsten. Slush, 2016. 

Photo: Jussi Hellsten. Slush, 2016. 




Players 1st at Slush: The "world's leading startup event"

Players 1st will be representing the golf industry at this year’s Slush startup conference on November 30th. Along with some of Microsoft’s other key partners we will be presenting our unique solution at the Microsoft stand.



Celebrating entrepreneurship
The Slush conference is a tech event for startups, investors and entrepreneurs en masse, run by a volunteer-driven non-profit movement. The conference is held annually in Helsinki and last year more than 17.000 people from around the world attended the event. Speakers include Al Gore (Generation Investment Management), Sallie Krawcheck (Ellevest), Marc Pincus (Zynga), as well as the founders and CEOs of Slack, Skype and many more.

The three-day event is powered by a grand vision of world-wide collaboration and progressive and conscientious tech solutions in all areas, ranging from energy, artificial intelligence and space technology to education, gaming and sports. Since its inception in 2008 the philosophy behind the event has remained the same: “to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward.”

Realizing the future of golf
This weekend we will be representing the golf industry on the big stage. Taking our platform to the next level and moving the industry forward requires us to share knowledge and experience with other industry leaders. Our partnership with Microsoft has been instrumental to our success; we develop and deploy our platform in the massively scalable Azure Cloud and with Azure Machine Learning we build predictive analytics solutions which we use to successfully predict future behavior or trends.

Collaboration is key and we are determined to reach out and discover powerful new techs and inspiring solutions in order to realize the future of golf. The main partners of Slush include Google, Samsung, Nordea and of course Microsoft. As part of the Microsoft stand we will be presenting alongside firms working with SaaS, AI analytics, medical advancement technology and many other exciting new techs. Slush is without a doubt a frontrunner when it comes to innovative software solutions and we want to bring the golf business into this new era of technological progress.

Photo: Jussi Hellsten. Slush, 2016. 

Photo: Jussi Hellsten. Slush, 2016. 

Helsinki, the tech capital of the world
Tech leaders and media from all over Europe, North America and Asia will be in Helsinki this week and the thousands of people are sure to set the city alight. Side events have been organized all over the city, such as a “ traditional Finnish sauna with founders,” investor poker night, concerts and plenty of theme parties. All of Helsinki will set the stage for Slush and the downtown street of Kalevankatu will temporarily be renamed “Founders’ Street” in the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The global reach of the Slush conference is self-evident and last year the event was streamed by 1 million viewers online. International media attention will also be considerable this year, with coverage from, among others, Wired Magazine, The Economist, BBC and The Huffington Post. This week Helsinki becomes the tech capital of the world. Slush is a unique opportunity to engage with the global tech community and Players 1st will be there with bells on. The conference will be a huge networking event and we hope to meet lots of new interesting partners and investors. Being invited to Slush is both a great opportunity and an honor that we can thank our partnership with Microsoft for. Read more about our collaboration with the tech giant in a coming article.

Live from the event
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