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In our 4-year history, we have grown from a small start-up to a global company with customers and partnerships across Europe and the US. We are headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, where it all started, and in January 2017 we entered the US market. Our sales department in the US is located in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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Players 1st HQ, Denmark

Players 1st was founded in 2013 in Aarhus, Denmark. The first versions of our product were developed in close corporation with the Danish Golf Union.

Players 1st quickly became a national success in Denmark, and since then several national golf federations in Europe have contributed to the further development and implementation of our solution. 

We are still headquartered in Denmark.  From our office in Aarhus, we work with product development, global product support, business intelligence, data analysis – and everything in between.

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European Capital of Culture in 2017.
Known as The City of Smiles.
Its start-up scene is on the rise.




In January 2017 we entered the US market, and today we support more than 200 clubs in the US. 

After less than nine months in the US market, we have received feedback from more than 50,000 US golf players.

In Phoenix, our work focuses on US product support, US sales, and US partnerships.

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Sunny 85 % of the year.
A true golfing heaven with more than 200 courses located
in and around the Greater Phoenix area.
A hub for innovation – welcome to "Silicon Desert".


Players 1st employees are developers, data analysts, consultants, technical supporters, designers, etc. Together, we are committed to growing the game of golf worldwide and even though we are in different time zones, we are without a doubt one team.


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