Showcasing at the Golfsuisse Forum




Showcasing at the Golfsuisse Forum

Last week VP Jacob Buksted was at the Golfsuisse Forum to showcase the Players 1st platform to leaders of the Swiss golf industry.



“Paths to the future” - taking action with Players 1st
 The Golfsuisse Forum is aimed at club leaders, decision-makers and all persons working in the golf business. With the overarching theme “Paths to the future,” last week’s conference gathered experts to discuss the future of golf in Switzerland and provided extensive opportunities for participants to gauge important trends and developments in the Swiss and global golf industry.


Players 1st VP Jacob Buksted was on stage to discuss the operation as well as the many benefits of an effective customer experience management platform and how to engage with member recruitment and retention. Furthermore, he gave examples of useful findings in other countries as well as the very first findings of the Players 1st platform gathered from the Swiss players.

The Players 1st platform gives clubs the tools to take action - issues will not be resolved just by collecting the data, they are resolved through carefully considered responses to member concerns. At conferences, such as the Golfsuisse Forum, we can all share and discuss our approaches, and clubs can rest easy knowing that they are able to make decisions based on sound data and expert advice.

Our collaboratory journey with the Swiss is only just beginning. We look forward to assisting and providing the golf clubs of Switzerland with insight and knowledge of the players’ experiences and needs. Together we can grow the game.


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