Players 1st moves to new location at Ceres Park and Arena, Aarhus




Players 1st moves to new location at Ceres Park and Arena, Aarhus

The Players 1st community is growing. Several new international partnerships and collaborations as well as the forthcoming next generation of the Players 1st platform have prompted the motion to expand.



Players 1st is moving on up
In order to keep up with demands Players 1st has moved to more spacious surroundings at Ceres Park and Arena in the forested hills of southern Aarhus. Recent partnership agreements with England Golf and the German Golf Association as well as other major collaborations with international golf organizations have resulted in an increasing amount of clients and many new exciting tasks at hand.

Additionally, the next generation of the Players 1st platform is currently underway and the new facilities mean that we are able to comfortably and competently roll out the new product in such a way as to cause as little inconvenience for our users as possible.


The heart of sports in Aarhus
Ceres Park and Arena is located close to the center of Aarhus in the scenic Marselisborg Forests. Construction dates back to 1920 and, while it took a beating during the Second World War, it has remained the center of major sporting events in Aarhus to this day.

The park is home to local football and handball teams, AGF and Aarhus Handball, and has set the stage for European Handball championships and international football matches as well as major badminton, table tennis and gymnastics events. With the move to Ceres Park and Arena Players 1st will be ensconced right next to the heart of sports in Aarhus.


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