Players 1st just reached one million survey returns

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Players 1st just reached one million survey returns

With this number growing higher as we speak, we want to pause for a moment and take this opportunity to thank our partners and all the players and clubs in the Players 1st community - our success is yours as well.



A milestone on the road to a better player experience
1,000,000 times has a player received one of our surveys and decided to respond with his or her feedback. Reaching one million survey returns is a milestone for the Players 1st platform and a clear vote of confidence from the players, both for their clubs and for Players 1st. We want to thank our partners and, above all, the players and clubs from around the world for their commitment; we applaud all your hard work to grow the game of golf.

With each completed survey our knowledge of the player experience increases and clubs are better equipped to service customers. Every single new piece of insight from the players benefits and empowers all members of the Players 1st community - and not least the players themselves.

This is the perfect circle of the Players 1st platform: Players provide the data, the Players 1st platform crunches the numbers, clubs are enabled to improve their business by implementing carefully considered, peer-reviewed solutions that tend to the players’ needs; everybody wins, as they say.


Excellent return rates due to high player commitment
Convincing customers to reply to surveys is not so easy, and generic surveys may reach an average return rate of about 10-15 percent, however, our return rates range between 25 percent to as much as 50 percent. This must mean that players a deeply committed to their clubs and the sport, and clubs can benefit immensely by reciprocating this commitment.

In the end it is all about the players of the magnificent game of golf; we let their voices be heard - one million times to be exact. But of course, we are not stopping here. With the release of the next generation of the Players 1st platform next year, it is our goal to take customer experience management to exciting new levels for the shared benefit of the global golf industry. Follow this blog to learn more about the upcoming NextGen platform.

Thank you all.


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