Reflections from the 2018 Players 1st Conference: Part 1




Reflections from the 2018 Players 1st Conference: Part 1 

In the wake of the second annual Players 1st Conference we would like to take a step back and talk about what we learned during the three marvelous days in Barsebäck, Sweden.



International cooperation and an exchange of ideas
Following the conference we talked to Bo “Bosse” Bengtsson, Deputy General Secretary of the Swedish Golf Federation and host of the 2018 Players 1st Conference.

Bosse emphasizes guest speaker John King and his presentation, Unlocking the Hidden Value in Golf, as one of the highlights of the event, but the most important part of the event itself, he says, was the opportunity to exchange ideas and form cooperative international relationships.

“We learned a lot from each others’ speeches and from our external guest speaker, John King,” says Bosse. He notes that we are currently facing very similar challenges around the world - sometimes they seem almost identical - and he stresses that “we must continue to cooperate in these areas and further develop all our common tools, such as Players 1st.”

In his opinion, “the key takeaway from the conference is that the networking, the exchange of knowledge and the close cooperation with Players 1st are key factors in the development of the function of club consultants.”

What we learned
It was absolutely inspiring to get a chance to experience the initiatives currently taking place in the European golf federations. The global golf industry is certainly in need of innovative approaches to recruitment and retention and it will be interesting to follow these creative projects in the years to come:

The Swedish hosts presented their project “Golfäventyret” (Golf Adventures), which introduces kids to golf through educational gamification.

From Norway we learned about “Golfstrømmen” (The Golf Current), a program which aims to assist clubs analytically and spark awareness of the social significance and value of golf at the local level.

We learned about “AH Sportactie” (Albert Heijn Sport Action) from the Dutch delegation, which is a national project in the Netherlands that seeks to get people more engaged with sports.

From Denmark we learned about the “Short Game Challenge,” an initiative that combines training with competition in fun ways to motivate development in members, cultivate social relations and, of course, improve their short game.

From Finland we also learned about “Multigolf” where golf is brought out in the parks and recreational areas in the city.

Toot toot
Not to toot our own horn, but we at Players 1st are very pleased with the proceedings at the conference and the level of engagement from all the participants. A major thanks to the Swedish Golf Federation for hosting and for a job well-done.

In part 2 of Reflections from the 2018 Players 1st Conference we talk to Lodewijk Klootwijk of the EGCOA about his view of the 2018 Players 1st Conference.


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