Why Customer Experience Management is especially relevant in the golf business


CxM is a prerequisite for success in practically any business: Providing great customer experiences lowers churn and increases retention and customer loyalty; loyal customers will purchase more and will recommend your company near and far, thus referring many new customers back to you.

In the context of golf, however, the gravity of CxM increases considerably and its fundamental principles come to life in a very real sense. Essentially, golfing is a complex experience, and while many players may come to a club because of physical aspects, or just to play golf, they stay for the ambience and atmosphere, the social community and relationships, a sense of belonging, and the outstanding experience that only you can provide - these are generally the things that induce loyalty.

Playing golf is something you enjoy in your spare time and, as such, golf clubs not only compete with other clubs, they compete for the players’ time in general. A golfer’s decision to visit your club is rarely made without careful consideration, and we know from a variety of studies that golf club members and guests rely heavily on recommendations from fellow golfers when choosing between clubs and the experiences they provide. If clubs are unable to provide great experiences they will simply not be able to compete.

By focusing on the customer journey clubs can develop a strong base of golfers that promote the clubs on their behalf. In the golf business, as opposed to the retail industry for example, customers are personally and socially involved to a very high degree, and word of mouth referrals have a huge impact to the point where, if you just focus on retention and the customer experience, your loyal members and satisfied guests will handle the bulk of you marketing and attraction needs.

In other words, this is basically why CxM is particularly relevant in golf: You have much to lose by neglecting the players, but also a lot to gain by making sure they have a good experience.

Word of mouth.png

The basic arguments for using CxM in the golf business are fairly straightforward, and making players feel welcome and gaining their loyalty simply requires the right set of tools, a little guidance, some expert advice, and a dash of inspiration. We still encounter clubs that name three typical reasons why they object to using CxM; too time consuming, too expensive or to difficult to implement.

In the past they may have had a point, but today, the barriers of time, money and skill are no longer valid excuses. Through recent technological advancements, such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have removed these barriers with the Players 1st platform, making CxM easy as well as affordable. Some of the key features our Voice of the Customer platform are:

• Golf specific survey templates for your relevant player segments
• Integration with major tee-sheet providers for automatically survey sendout
• State-of-the-art dashboard with benchmark tools, priority maps, call-to action notifications

and much more. Your club will be fully equipped and ready to provide great experiences to your members and guests alike.

The Players 1st solution and the tailormade Voice of the Customer tools we provide enable golf clubs of all shapes and sizes to easily implement the continuous and repeatable Closed Loop Process of Listen, Interpret, React, Monitor.

In the following chapter we guide you through this process and equip you with the tools and insights you need to implement an effective CxM program in your club.

Morten Bisgaard