5 Ways to Increase Survey Response Rates

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One of the biggest considerations in order to make the most out of the Players 1st Player Experience Management platform is to keep response rates are as high as possible. Not only does this improve the quality and volume of the feedback for our clients’, but it also enables Players 1st to create more holistic national and international insights in order to help grow the game.

For this to happen, creating awareness of the survey, engaging with the members by telling them why the club are conducting it and relying on their feedback should be a simple formality. But it is also very important to be active with the feedback collated and consider methods to share back some results with the members. That way the respondents feel valued and listened to with the potential to increase their loyalty to the club.

Below, we’ve gathered five helpful and manageable tips to help increase awareness and engagement of a Players 1st Member Experience Survey to help drive up response rates:

1. Create some “warm-up communication”

This can be done through the regular channels of communication at the club. The club’s newsletter or a monthly round-up email from the secretary, to introduce the survey and letting them know why it is being run.

Here, it is of course important to share that it’s an initiative to improve the members’ experience and that their contribution will help the club prioritise where to focus their attention in order to continuously improve experiences at the club.

The communication should feel genuine so that the members are more engaged when the survey email lands in their inbox.

2. Send out a “pre-survey email”

An alternative, or perhaps an additional piece of communication to the member, is to remind members’ that in three days’ time, for example, they will receive an email from ‘Players 1st’ with a survey link.

In addition, it may be worth making them aware that this survey is being conducted by a third party, so they should check their junk email inbox if they don’t think this has been received.

3. Alert your members on your social media channels and website

Naturally, your social channels are a very effective way of interacting with your members and a quick and easy way to create awareness. Therefore, regular Tweets, Facebook posts and countdowns to the survey expiration is a way to motivate and remind your members to respond to the survey.

This is also the perfect place for the club to promote any incentives being offered to respondents of the survey.

A blog post on your website, or a pop-up added onto your homepage can also be timely methods of getting the message in front of your members.

4. Prioritise on-site activation

Consideration to members who do not use email, and to further capture the attention of those that do, is by constantly placing survey reminders in and around your venue to encourage participation.

This could be something like posters or flyers on/above notice boards, locker room doors, toilet cubicles, pro shop counter, bar counters or the half-way house.

Also by attaching reminders to the score cards or inside buggies throughout the two-week survey window can be a great prompt.

5. Within the Clubhouse

Lastly, it might be possible to recruit a volunteer member who can help drive awareness to the survey by visiting the club on days when the larger societies meet. The volunteer could hand out flyers or speak to the society organiser to help reach more of the member base whilst the survey is live.

The concept and design of the Players 1st surveys has been developed in conjunction with national golf federations and is constantly being evolved as we explore different markets and golfing habits.

Amelia Lewis