England Golf representative reflects on the Players 1st Client Conference


In June, Players 1st hosted the third annual Players 1st Client Conference in collaboration with the Dutch Golf Federation and the National Golf Course Owners Association. This year, the Dutch city of Utrecht hosted the conference at the DeWeerelt van Sport venue and a number of representatives from different European Golf Federations attended the conference.

One of our most recent partnerships has been with England Golf of which Players 1st has been a Preferred Partner since 2018. We were joined at the conference by Iain Lancaster, Club Support Manager, who is responsible for developing and managing the England Golf Club Support offer to all affiliated clubs and facilities. This includes development and implementation of new and existing services, resources as well as building and maintaining relationships with key strategic partners.

Naturally, the shared learnings, case studies and networking opportunities from the conference have been mutually beneficial to our partnership, and hopefully also created some ideas to take back to the desk.

As one of the newest signings to the conference team sheet, we asked Iain to reflect on his experience in Utrecht and share his main take-aways from the two day event:

“As a first timer at the Players 1st Client Conference, I was unsure as what to expect from the 2019 Edition in Holland, but any opportunity to network with other European federations can’t be missed. I was extremely keen to learn how the other federations, who are much further on with their relationship with Players 1st, use the system to support their clubs but also to influence their thinking around initiatives, campaigns and programming.”

“At England Golf, we’re a relatively new member to the Players 1st platform, but with more and more clubs taking up the offer of the free trial, it’s great to see how others use the data captured during a club survey to support the club.  It is always positive to share best practice, share resources and hear first-hand what issues, solutions and experiences everyone has had of the platform.”

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“We haven’t done much analysis of the data from additional perspective, so I certainly saw first-hand how federations had done this. I am keen to work with Players 1st on how to analyse our national data and consider how this can influence our Club Support to our affiliated clubs.” 

“Currently, we’re in the process of building some club case studies with Players 1st to show the process and impact of engaging and listening to your customers. From a governing body perspective, I believe, the information we have nationally on clubs NPS across different customer areas will help shape our club support offer. And also, how we can help influence those numbers positively.” 

“The conference was great to attend both professionally and personally. I highly recommend anyone considering attending next year to go.”

To find out some of the key takeaways from the conference, please see our series summary here.

Nicolai Sabro Hansen