What is Player Experience Management?

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Essentially, Player Experience Management is exactly the same as Customer Experience Management. The main difference is that it focuses on sports and its players.

Right now, clubs consider their players as members, but many fail to see that their players are also customers and you shouldn’t be afraid to look at them like that. Sport is a commercial business and if you don’t deliver what your customers want, they’ll leave and find someone who can. Like that, it’s just the same as the customers in a bank or on a webshop. Many, however, don’t realize that it’s possible to completely monitor and control the player experience, just like you would do in any other business.

In general, clubs don’t tend to know the experience customers expect to get at their club. For any club, it’s very important and extremely valuable to identify these expectations. Understanding them is the key to understanding the modern sports customer and how to keep them satisfied. Generally, they’re very serious about their sports, which is why they demand a product and experience that can live up to their expectations. Delivering this will turn your members into promoters, which is important in order to attract new members.

The experience is something that can be designed down to the smallest detail if you know your customer. By implementing a Player Experience Management platform to track members’ satisfaction on different parameters, you will receive data that shows you exactly what you should focus on improving.

To run a serious sports club, following your gut and improving as you go is no longer adequate. By collecting data and get proper input from your customers, you will be able to take better ownership of your club and improve it as needed. Not only that but by tracking player experience you will also be able to assess whether or not your adjustments are actually improvements.

Morten Bisgaard