Use on-course staff to drive food & beverage revenue and enhance customer experience




Use on-course staff to drive food & beverage revenue and enhance customer experience


Clubs need to drive up the number of players who have contact with on-course staff and be even better at using staff to drive more visits to the restaurant. How do you use on-course staff today? Are the players’ meeting with the on-course staff linked to restaurant visits e.g. via lunch vouchers or direct booking etc.?



On-course staff and restaurant visits

From our player experience data we can see that golfers who meet on-course staff are significantly more satisfied with their golfing experience than the ones who don't. In other words: On-course staff plays an important role in driving higher player satisfaction and increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) results.

The staff at the golf course is not only facilitating good pace of play. Our data shows that they play an important role in guiding golfers to the restaurant. Having one touchpoint (on-course staff) promote another touchpoint (the restaurant) means fewer drop-offs and an increase in players’ experience.

Our data shows that more golfers who have met on-course staff will visit the restaurant compared to the golfers who have not met any on-course staff:


Furthermore, the golfers who have both met on-course staff and visited the restaurant are significantly more satisfied with their overall golfing experience:


31 % of the golfers have met on-course staff and visited the restaurant. This group has an average NPS at 72.

On the contrary the 22 % of the golfers that have not met on-course staff and have not visited the restaurant are having an average NPS at 49.

Any hiccups in your customer journey?

A series of positive experiences drive higher player satisfaction than isolated touch points. We encourage you to take a look at your data and investigate if there are any hiccups from one stage to the next in your player experience flow.

Understanding how players navigate through the experience at your course, and what is working and what is not, will help you identify (and prioritize) important gaps and opportunities.

Ask yourself what you can do to make sure that all touchpoints support each other and meld together in the ultimate end-to-end player experience.


This blog post is based on:
Data from November 2016 - July 2017.
18,000 answers in the US.


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