Why implementing the right customer experience platform matters








Some golf clubs attempt to manage customer experience by themselves, perhaps using SurveyMonkey, but this approach is both time consuming and, in fact, nowhere near as effective as using an experienced, industry specific platform, such as Players 1st.

We know golf
When partnering up with Players 1st you are essentially adding an entire branch dedicated to the many aspects of customer experience management to your company. Using a regular survey tool once every quarter may lend a quick snapshot of your customer’s experiences, however, with Players 1st you are always in the loop. 

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We provide continuous, real-time insight and a wide segmented overview, that allows you to spot important trends over time and always stay ahead of the curve. With our unique benchmark function you will even be able to compare your own business to your colleagues and competitors.

Our platform and questionnaires are fitted specifically for your needs and are based on our many years of experience in the field. We think it is safe to say, that we know golf.


Why customer experience matters
According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, customer experience has a direct influence on the financial performance of companies. In other words, high satisfaction rates lead to greater returns and lower risks.

Astonishingly, as our VP, Peter Smith, observed in his recent article, “72% of companies are drinking their own bathwater", a large portion of established businesses are way out of touch with their customer’s perceptions. Obviously, a lot stands to be gained by companies who are willing to listen and make informed adjustments according to customer experience.




A part of the future
When joining Players 1st you are welcomed into an international community of professionals in the golf industry. Not only will you receive important player feedback, you will be part of a larger conversation and a collective endeavor to shape the future of golf. We want to empower you to be the best you can be. 

We are always pushing the limits and upgrading our platform - we look to the future through the player’s perspective. This seems to resonate with players and, in fact, we have some of the highest questionnaire return-rates compared to regular survey tools - and certainly when compared to our competitors in the golf business. Players care about their clubs, they want their feedback to be heard, and with Players 1st they will know that you care. 

Read more about the player point of view and our excellent return rates in part 2 and part 3 respectively of “More than a survey tool.” 


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