Player engagement and the Players 1st way




Player engagement and the Players 1st way

More than a survey tool (Part III)



Our questionnaire return rates are the highest in the business. Players engage with Players 1st because they care about their clubs and the sport.

Excellent return rates
Typically, regular surveys, such as the ones you might receive from your bank, local shopping mall or encounter on social media, produce a return rate at about 10-15 percent. Customer experience management, as we know, is a critical component of the financial success of any kind of business, however, if return rates are low your efforts may be in vain. Our return rates range between 25 percent for newer users and even as high as 50 percent for expert users. When it comes to the golf industry, we are the best in the business. 


More than a survey tool
When players engage so actively with our surveys it must mean that they care deeply about their clubs and the sport. If clubs can ensure player loyalty and take good care of new members by taking proper action they are on a clear path to financial success. 

Players 1st facilitates a global community of industry professionals and golf enthusiasts who share the same passion for the game. Our team consists of experienced developers and consultants who stand ready to act as your customer experience management division; our network spans across international boundaries; we support more than 1200 clubs worldwide, so when you partner up with Players 1st not only do we guarantee excellent service, we welcome our users into a progressive organization of clubs, unions, owners, consultants and businesses who all want the same thing: to grow the game of golf. 

The Players 1st way
The Players 1st way is one of international collaboration. We want to empower the golf industry by shining a light on the player point of view, because players are the lifeblood of the industry and putting the players first is the best way to cultivating a strong and healthy sport. We always make sure to thank the players for their valuable insights, to let them know that they are part of something bigger and that their feedback can help shape the future of the game. 

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We continually guide and inform our users to enable them to make the most of the Players 1st platform, via workshops, personal club visits, online support, as well as the annual Players 1st conference, but in the end, how you use the platform and what actions you may take, is up to you. We cannot take all the credit for the high return rates - the better a club takes care of its members, the more actively members will engage. 

In the end, the future of golf depends on the dedication and passion of all those involved in the industry and, above all, the players. Together we can forge a strong, global community of players and industry leaders who will safeguard, evolve and advance the most excellent game of golf.


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